Auto Accidents

One of the most stressful events in life is dealing with the issues involving an automobile accident. Automobile accidents can happen to anyone, at anytime. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not getting a thorough examination by a Chiropractor trained to recognize and treat injuries like:  Headache, neck pain (whiplash), low back pain, muscle stiffness or spasms, numbness and tingling, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irritability, memory loss and difficulty concentrating.Some of these injuries if not immediately apparent, can take days and even months until the onset is fully established. It is absolutely imperative that anybody that is in an auto accident immediately go see a Doctor trained in soft tissue injuries such as a Chiropractor.

The reason that most people choose Chiropractic care for treatment of injuries sustained in automobile accidents is Chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, and the resulting biomechanical instability especially of the spine. Since the most common injuries associated with these events are sprains and strains of the spinal muscles and ligaments, it’s only natural that chiropractic be the treatment of choice. Chiropractors are primary care doctors trained specifically in dealing with biomechanical insults and injuries to the spine.

According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 1/3 of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents seek treatment from Doctors of Chiropractic. That number is astounding when you consider the National Safety Council (NSC) has determined there to be more than 12 million accidents annually involving more than 20 million vehicles. Furthermore, 80% of these accidents occur at speeds of 10mph or less. So, accidents happen, they happen locally, and they happen to anyone at anytime.

If Dr. Craig Singer can’t help the patient, he will refer them to a doctor or facility that can. If you have been in an any type of motor vehicle accident recently, there are some important decisions you have to make, and it is critical that one of the first decisions you make is be to be evaluated by a doctor of chiropractic and seek care immediately.

  • " Dr. Singer is genuine, upfront and to the point about his services. Always professional and probably one of the best chiropractors I've ever been too. "
    - Robert Harris
  • " Dr. Craig Singer is one of the best doctors! His first priority is to help people, this is real, and you start feeling it from your first visit. And of course, he is very professional. Besides that he has a very good personality. I keep recommending him to all my friends "
    - Vito L
  • " Have been adjusted by over 50 chiros in my life and Dr Craig is right up there with the best. His method of relaxing each client (hydro-jet-bed then massage) before the adjustment really helps. There is also a physical therapist with his own therapy room to help get your range of motion back like he did for me. VERY REASONABLE pricing and VERY flexible hours SO PLEASE be nice and try to avoid his lunch hour so he and his staff can eat because the poor guy refuses to say no. "
    - Bill Clark
  • " Hands of gold, and a personality to match. Gentle, even tempered get's the job done EVERY TIME. A DOCTOR'S DOCTOR. "
    - James W
  • " I am an avid cyclist. I was referred to see Dr. Singer by another triathlete. He has these great stim and muscle relaxation machines as well as a massage therapist to get you ready for the spine manipulation. This guy is first class folks. You will not be disappointed. Also he is the fairest around on what he charges for his services. The best! "
    - Bruce Keno
  • " Great place to go to get a massage. Very professional and treats every part that is aching. I would go again, if I can weekly! That's how good they are! "
    - Yasmin Tassara Miyashiro
  • " Come as a patient & leave like family!! You'd be crazy to go somewhere else. Facility: Clean at all times! Customer Service: Professional and Rare Results: (I'M DOING BACK FLIPS NOW) HAHA Definitely will exceed your expectations. THANK YOU DR. SINGER , NADINE AND ALEX! "
    - Geraldine P

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