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Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapists More South Floridians Choose

Our bodies are amazing pieces of machinery that can do fantastic things. Unfortunately, they are also incredibly fragile. If you fall the wrong way or get into an accident, it can cause serious problems.

Some types of problems we recognize and deal with immediately, such as broken bones or traumatic head injuries.

Other types of problems, however, we sometimes let slide. Maybe you are feeling pain but believe it will go away if you just give it time. Or you are suffering from weakness in your legs or arms and simply hope your strength will return eventually.

Sadly, what often happens is that these problems do not get better – they get worse. They can negatively impact your overall health. They may even prevent you from being able to work.

Dr. Craig Singer has seen this again and again at USA Health & Therapy and offers numerous chiropractic treatments that have proven beneficial to countless patients over the years. Sometimes, though, what people really need is physical therapy. That is why Dr. Singer has partnered with Dr. Papa and the other knowledgeable professionals at Action Physical Therapy.

Why physical therapy? Because it not only rehabilitates specific injuries that you are suffering from, but also helps to prevent future injury by focusing on improving your flexibility and increasing muscle strength.

When you go to Action Physical Therapy after suffering an accident, not only can their doctors give you the immediate help you need to start your recovery, they also employ specialized tests that help them uncover every injury that resulted from the accident. Moreover, they always provide their patients with appropriate documentation, so your rights as the victim of an accident are protected.

For almost 20 years, Action Physical Therapy has employed only qualified caregivers to optimize your rehab process, and they treat every client like a family member, making sure everyone receives the best possible care. When you use their services, you will get an individualized rehabilitation plan to match your specific needs that uses manual therapy techniques and a hands-on approach to care.

Types of Fort Lauderdale Accidents and Injuries That Physical Therapy Can Help With

Ultimately, physical therapy can help with all kinds of pain, stiffness, and flexibility issues, including those related to degenerative joint diseases, post-surgical issues, and more. However, there are a number of common reasons why people tend to seek out the help of a physical therapist in Oakland Park and surrounding areas.

Car accidents. Few things can damage your body more than getting into an automobile accident. Sadly, they are fact of life.

According to FIRES, in 2016, there were over 395,000 crashes that led to more than 254,000 injuries in Florida. Common car crash injuries include head and back injuries, neck and chest injuries, and harm to arms, legs, hands, and feet.

Bicycle Accidents. It is a well-known problem that drivers do not pay enough attention to cyclists who use the road. Unfortunately, this can lead to very serious injuries for riders.

Even if an automobile is not involved, though, there are plenty of ways to suffer injury on a bike. Sometimes cyclists hit each other. Sometimes pedestrians are involved. Sometimes road hazards cause falls. When any of these things occur, bike riders can suffer things like head trauma, back injuries, wrist injuries, and more.

Accidents at work. In 2015, there were just over 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries recorded. Hundreds of thousands of those injuries involved sprains, strains, tears, falls, slips, trips, or the back. In other words, things that physical therapy is often able to help with.

Sometimes, workplace injuries may not seem very serious at first, but they can sneak up on you and worsen with time. Do not ignore them.

Headaches. Pretty much everyone suffers from headaches from time to time, and millions of people suffer from chronic headache pain and migraines. How does physical therapy fit into this conversation? Sometimes, headaches occur due to musculoskeletal issues, such as tension in the muscles, poor posture, shoulder blade tightness, and so on.

If problems in your muscles or joints are causing your headaches, physical therapy may be able to alleviate your pain and help resolve the issue.

Herniated or bulging disc. This is an incredibly serious spinal condition that involves the rupture or herniation of an intervertebral disc, increasing the impact that your backbone feels and generally causing a lot of pain.

Physical therapy can help by showing you various bulging disc exercises that you can engage in, helping you to stretch, and possibly even using a traction machine that gently pulls on your joints and muscles.

Whiplash. Typically (though not always) associated with car crashes, whiplash occurs when your head and neck are suddenly and forcefully “whipped” back and forth. This causes damage to the surrounding ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

The goal of physical therapy where whiplash is concerned is to increase blood circulation, reduce muscle spasms, and help your neck tissues to heal.

Sports injuries. This is a broad category that can include all kinds of accidents and injuries. The only common thread is that they are caused while exercising or participating in some kind of athletic activity.

Sometimes, sports injuries are due to sudden trauma. For example, a particularly strong impact can result in a wide variety of injuries depending on where the impact occurs on the body. Other sports injuries are a result of overusing a particular part of the body. Tennis elbow, which involves repetitive arm and wrist motions, is a good example of this.

How does physical therapy help? By teaching and utilizing exercises, stretches, and other techniques to aid in recovery. By addressing particular problems with specialized equipment. By showing people how to manage their pain and prevent recurring problems and permanent damage.

The Sports Clinicians at Action Physical Therapy have worked with the top orthopedic physicians in the country and served as trainers and physical therapists for Palm Beach County high schools for years, so they are ready and able to help you with any sports-related injury or training program you might desire.

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