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Jul. 12 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

How Chiropractors Can Help after a Motorcycle Injury

Motorcycle accidents are much different than car accidents in terms of how much riders are exposed during the crash in comparison to people driving or riding in an automobile. Simply put, when you’re on a bike, there’s nothing between you and the impact to protect you from injury. No windshi ...
Jul. 06 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

What Do Exercise and Nutrition Have to Do with Chiropractic Care?

We’ve all heard that the key to leading a long, healthy life is getting enough exercise and eating balanced, nutritious foods. Well, did you also know that exercise and nutrition can also help when it comes to chiropractic care? It’s true! Combining exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic t ...
Jun. 27 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

7 Common Sports Injuries and How a Chiropractor Can Help

For most people, sports are a fun way to exercise and compete. For professional athletes, their sport of choice is their livelihood. Unfortunately, all sports often present injury risks. This is bad enough if you’re a “weekend warrior” and you don’t want to let your buddies down. If p ...
Jun. 21 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

How Chiropractic Can Help with 3 Common Car Crash Injuries

Did you know that nearly three million people are injured in car accidents every year here in the United States? It’s difficult to imagine getting anywhere without a car, especially here in South Florida, but the high number of car accident-related injuries might make you an extra cautious ...
Jun. 14 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

What Causes Neck Pain – and What Can You Do about It?

Category: Neck Pain
You wake up after a night of rest feeling pretty good – until you attempt the seemingly simple act of turning your head. Sharp, shooting pain tells you that’s not a great idea. You sit up carefully, doing your best not to move your neck at all. What the heck is going on? Chances are, you ...
Jun. 08 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

3 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Helps with Back Pain

Category: Back Pain | Chiropractic
Most people experience back pain at least once in their life, if not frequently or even chronically. Regardless of whether your back pain is a constant (but “bearable”) ache or completely debilitating, there are things you can do to prevent, relieve, and treat it so that you can decrease you ...
Jun. 01 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

How Chiropractic Care Can Make You a Better Athlete

 No matter what sport you play or how you work out, athletes are constantly pushing their bodies to their limits. Strength and better athletic skills require work from the entire body, even if your sport of choice mainly focuses on one part. Unfortunately, failing to practic ...
Mar. 03 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

How to Quickly Recover From an Auto Accident

Auto accident injuries can be completely devastating. They can limit your mobility and keep you from going to work. Depending on the severity of these injuries one may feel pain in all viagraas of their body for many years and in some cases for the rest of one's life. The one type of injury a ...
Feb. 26 2017 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

What are the Chirporactic Advantages of Stretch Zone ?

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