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Jun. 20 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

Sciatica Treatment – When a Chiropractor Makes Sense

Category: Sciatica
Sciatica is a common but painful condition in which pain radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, branching from the lower back through the hips and buttocks and down each leg. Any kind of compression of the sciatic nerve can cause sciatica, but the condition most commonly occurs when a herniated disc, bone spur or narrowing of the spine ...
Jun. 12 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

Stopping Carpal Tunnel Before It Starts

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average 900,000 cases of Carpal tunnel syndrome (or CTS), making it the second highest cause for work-related musculoskeletal surgeries annually – only back surgeries outnumber them. Treatment doesn’t come cheap, either. Most claims cost between $20,000 and $100,000 (some cost more), and 36% of patients require indefinite ongoing treatment. In fact, CTS is ...
Jun. 05 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

Get Rid of Back Pain with These Helpful Stretches and Exercises

Stretching and exercise are important elements of maintaining core strength overall, and the health of your spinal area plays an integral role in living healthy and pain-free. When you neglect or injure any area along your spine, if you don’t address it, what could be a temporary issue can easily develop into chronic back pain. From general practitioners to physical ...
May. 30 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

Chiropractic Massage: What You Need to Know

When most people think of going to a chiropractor, they think of dramatic adjustments - snap twists, popping joints. In reality, this is only part of what a chiropractor does. A good practitioner will use a multi-pronged approach to treat your condition, which often includes massage. In fact, chiropractic care and massage go hand in hand. Massage releases muscle tension, ...
May. 26 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

Why Chiropractors Care About What You Eat

You went to a chiropractor to get help with pain related to your bones, joints, and muscles. So, why are they offering you information and recommendations regarding dietary supplements and changes to what you eat? For more than a decade now, chiropractic physicians have been taking a holistic approach in their clients’ treatment programs, and today, it is proving beneficial ...
May. 15 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

How Long Will I Be in Physical Therapy?

Category: Physical Therapy
So, you’ve sustained an injury, and your doctor or other provider has recommended physical therapy as a component of your rehabilitation. How long will you need to be in physical therapy? Unfortunately, there’s no precise answer to this question. Everyone is different, and your rate of progress and expected time in physical therapy will depend on a number of factors. ...
May. 09 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

First Time Going to a Chiropractor? FAQs to Ask

Category: Chiropractic
A first chiropractic visit is an overwhelming decision for many people, and it’s normal to be apprehensive. Fortunately, a little preparation ahead of time can help you know what to expect and what questions you should ask the office at your initial appointment. We want all patients to be completely comfortable before beginning treatment, so we’ve put together a guide ...
May. 01 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

You Injured Your Back Playing Sports — What Now?

You never know how important your spinal cord and back are until you suffer an injury in that area. Unfortunately, there are about a million different ways you can hurt your back playing a variety of different sports, and any type of back injury -- neck, upper back, or lower back -- can seriously affect your ability to walk, run, ...
Apr. 25 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

Headaches? Yes, Florida Chiropractors Can Help with Those, Too

When you think “chiropractor,” do you think “headaches?” If you’re like a lot of people, probably not. Most people associate chiropractors with back pain or spinal cord injuries. However, headaches are actually one of the top reasons why people go to see a chiropractor. Why? Because in many cases they can help you reduce the frequency or intensity of your ...
Apr. 19 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

Can a Pillow Really Help with Neck Pain?

Category: Neck Pain
Pain in the neck? You’re not alone. Millions complain that they suffer from neck plain every year, and there are nearly as many reasons why. What’s the same in every case is that relief can’t come soon enough. When it comes to the overnight component of getting the relief you need, Harvard Medical School says it boils down to one ...

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