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Did You Know That Relieving Neck Pain Might Lower Blood Pressure?

Oct. 25 2019 Published by: Dr. Craig Singer

What Kinds of Medical Issues Can Hydromassage Help With?

Category: Hydromassage

What Kinds of Medical Issues Can Hydromassage Help With?

In broadest terms, hydrotherapy describes both internal and external uses of water (in any form) to treat a myriad of medical conditions and promote overall good health.

Hydromassage and other hydrotherapy treatments involve variation in water temperature and pressure, as well as the duration and bodily location. These non-invasive methods have been widely used since ancient times, and continue to provide relief to patients today.

As experienced chiropractic caregivers, we have enjoyed great success in treating a number of specific medical issues our clients commonly experience using hydromassage.

The four most prominent conditions to benefit from hydrotherapy in our practice are sports injuries, fibromyalgia, low back pain, and other conditions related to stress.

Lower Back and Other Sports Injuries Benefit from Hydromassage

Reasons for low back pain run the gamut. From temporary strains and overuse to chronic arthritis, most of us have experienced some kind of discomfort in our low backs at some point.

Depending on the actual cause and level of pain or injury, there are plenty of water temperature and pressure settings your chiropractor can explore when developing a treatment plan that incorporates hydromassage.

Specifically for sports injuries in your lower back (and elsewhere for that matter), hydromassage provides an effective drugless treatment, which is often important when involved in competitive sports.

Utilizing a focussed water jet stream creates a concentrated band of pressure to aid in therapeutic manipulation and myofascial release.

This kind of hydrotherapy can effectively increase your flexibility, decrease the time it takes you to recover from injury, and actually strengthens injured tissue.

Heated Aquatic Resistance Reduces Fybromyalgia Pain

Because the symptoms of this chronic condition tend to mirror such a broad scope of other diseases, injuries, and conditions, the diagnosis process is very complex.

Although the exact cause of fibromyalgia has not been determined, medical professionals now understand that it is not due to autoimmune disorders, physical joint or muscle problems, or systemic inflammation. What we also know is that fibromyalgia primarily afflicts women and that the condition is painful.

Regular participation in a hydrotherapy regimen of aquatic resistance therapy conducted in a heated pool has proven to effectively reduce pain and improve the quality of life among fibromyalgia patients. Hydromassage has similar benefits.

Hydrotherapy Treatment Options Relieve Various Stress-Induced Pain

As a part of our age-old auto-responses, our bodies naturally react to stress by releasing various hormones. Reactions include heightened alertness, muscle tension, and increased heart rate.

The positive is, these responses help you manage stressful situations in a way that protects your body. Unfortunately, chronic stress can raise your risk of health issues like high blood pressure, depression/anxiety, and even menstrual problems over time.

Some common symptoms and how hydrotherapy can be used to help include:

Stress Headaches. Hot and warm foot baths plus ice massage to the head daily is a combination proven to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.

Stiff Muscles or Frequent Aches and Pains. Our hydromassage treatment targets stiff muscles, which works to relax the tension and provide patients with immediate relief.

Digestion Issues. From an upset stomach to IBS, hydrotherapy options such as warm/hot water submersion and colonics can be incorporated into an effective traditional massage therapy treatment plan.

Hydrotherapy Treatment Fort Lauderdale

If you are interested in learning more about whether this proven treatment might be right for your specific condition, reach out to a South Florida chiropractor and ask questions!


About the Author:

Dr. Singer has been a practicing chiropractor for more than 20 years, and USA Health & Therapy has been around since 2004. Over the course of his career, Singer has helped tens of thousands of people with all kinds of issues by using a wide variety of treatment strategies. He has extensive knowledge of chiropractic modalities, including Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson Drop Table, and Activator, and in 1997 he earned a special adjunctive Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma (CCST) to better provide care for car crash victims. Dr. Singer is licensed to practice chiropractic medicine in both Florida and New York.


Did You Know That Relieving Neck Pain Might Lower Blood Pressure?

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