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Performance Care

Whether you’re a world-class athlete, weekend warrior or soccer mom, everyone wants to perform at their ultimate levels. Dr. Singer at USA Health & Therapy is dedicated to helping his patients with preventative care to achieve a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. He also treats “active – people” people who aren’t necessarily athletes but are concerned about maintaining their peak performance, regardless of age.

When you think of a chiropractor, you think of a spine doctor, but Dr. Singer is so much more than a spine or a pain doctor – first and foremost, he’s a wellness doctor.

Doctors of Chiropractic, such as Dr. Singer, practice natural, drugless, non-invasive health care and rely on the body’s ability to self-heal. Chiropractic care entails more than bringing pain relief. It’s about learning, understanding and taking care of your body to improve your quality of life. Dr. Singer educates his patients about natural, proactive solutions to maintaining wellness. He doesn’t limit his practice to just treating symptoms – the goal of USA Health & Therapy is to effectively apply health and wellness principles to your whole life.

What makes our approach to chiropractic care and wellness powerful?

  • We use the full spectrum of chiropractic wellness – from high quality nutritional supplements to deep tissue massages, pre and post event sports massages, chiropractic adjustments, electrical STIM therapy, hydromassage, kinesio taping, intersegmental traction and ultrasound.
  • Every patient is different and we offer individualized wellness plans tailored to YOUR particular health goals.
  • We don’t focus on the prevailing sickness care model (waiting for symptoms) – we work on preventing recurring problems or injuries.
  • We provide excellent fitness guidance from flexing/stretching/strengthening/rehabilitation exercises to conditioning plans that will keep you in shape now and in the future. We provide you with exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your own home and can improve the effectiveness of your spinal correction by 30 – 40%.
  • We treat athletes in preventative care and rehabilitative care and offer both pre-and post competition treatments.

At USA Health & Therapy, we know we can help our South Florida chiropractic patients start making healthy choices. It’s a combination of nutrition, exercise and chiropractic treatments all in sync to boost your performance. It’s a healthy attitude toward your lifestyle where you take into account all the factors that comprise you – socially, mentally and physically. We’ve seen the successes with the thousands of clients who have come to Dr. Singer for pain relief and wellness care.

Remember lifelong health and happiness are only achievable by choice, not by chance!

Stop by or call Dr. Singer at USA Health and Therapy in Oakland Park to schedule an appointment today. Regular chiropractic treatments can promote health, healing, wellness and well-being

USA Health & Therapy

3434 Northeast 12th Avenue
Oakland Park, FL 33334-4523
  • " Dr. Singer is genuine, upfront and to the point about his services. Always professional and probably one of the best chiropractors I've ever been too. "
    - Robert Harris
  • " Dr. Craig Singer is one of the best doctors! His first priority is to help people, this is real, and you start feeling it from your first visit. And of course, he is very professional. Besides that he has a very good personality. I keep recommending him to all my friends "
    - Vito L
  • " Have been adjusted by over 50 chiros in my life and Dr Craig is right up there with the best. His method of relaxing each client (hydro-jet-bed then massage) before the adjustment really helps. There is also a physical therapist with his own therapy room to help get your range of motion back like he did for me. VERY REASONABLE pricing and VERY flexible hours SO PLEASE be nice and try to avoid his lunch hour so he and his staff can eat because the poor guy refuses to say no. "
    - Bill Clark
  • " Hands of gold, and a personality to match. Gentle, even tempered get's the job done EVERY TIME. A DOCTOR'S DOCTOR. "
    - James W
  • " I am an avid cyclist. I was referred to see Dr. Singer by another triathlete. He has these great stim and muscle relaxation machines as well as a massage therapist to get you ready for the spine manipulation. This guy is first class folks. You will not be disappointed. Also he is the fairest around on what he charges for his services. The best! "
    - Bruce Keno
  • " Great place to go to get a massage. Very professional and treats every part that is aching. I would go again, if I can weekly! That's how good they are! "
    - Yasmin Tassara Miyashiro
  • " Come as a patient & leave like family!! You'd be crazy to go somewhere else. Facility: Clean at all times! Customer Service: Professional and Rare Results: (I'M DOING BACK FLIPS NOW) HAHA Definitely will exceed your expectations. THANK YOU DR. SINGER , NADINE AND ALEX! "
    - Geraldine P